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LetIcon – the ultimate vacation rental management solution

Guys at LetIcon set an ambitious goal to create a vacation rental management system for everyone. Usually, so called “property management systems” are used by hotels and not available to small accommodations or individuals, renting out their properties on airbnb or 9flats.

With LetIcon, all the goodness like bookings management, guest communication, arrival alerts and even automated reception and access automation, will become available at very little cost, affordable for everyone.

If you are a small hotel or an individual property owner and you want to manage your short-term rentals efficiently – this might be the system for you. Give the guys your interest and it will most probably repay you with more profit and less hassle than ever.



The Rise of the Full-Stack Architect

So what is an experienced developer with so much to offer to younger colleagues to do? Looks like we are stranded between Scylla and Charybdis of the software leadership career paths. But it is a false dilemma. Bill was clear about this in his blog post – you should aspire to be a leader, to have a vision that inspires people and makes them follow you of their own will, not because they report to you. Somebody else can handle TPS reports, and you can focus on leading a growing group of people in making awesome products, and enjoying coming to work every morning because working in such an environment is intoxicating. Then you move the hell out of their way and let them do the work – they can do it better than you anyway.

The Rise of the Full-Stack Architect.


The Rich Will Destroy London Like They Destroy Everything Else | the void

Across London, from Deptford to Tottenham, luxury flats are springing up like a virus – the first warning to the poor that this is no longer our town. There was a time when gentrification took a couple of decades, areas like Notting Hill did not become the playgrounds of the rich overnight. Now as soon as a Foxtons opens next to the launderette you know you’re fucked.

When this onslaught is finally complete London will die. No-one wants to live in a city full of braying chinless wankers jabbering into smart phones about house prices all day. A global city of the super rich may sound like a utopia to the likes of Boris Johnson or the toffs in government. But they will destroy London like they destroy everything else. The end result will be a city that may have lots of places to buy fucking artisan cupcakes or quaff Champagne, but it will be a place with no soul. Their money will not be able to fix that.

The Rich Will Destroy London Like They Destroy Everything Else | the void.


Lenovo unveils three 10.1-in. tablets, two running Android – Computerworld



Lenovo unveils three 10.1-in. tablets, two running Android – Computerworld.

Finally we get to the point when Lenovo announces the new tablets. Since I am a very big fan of ThinkPads I am looking forward to replace my iPad 2 with real business oriented device. And the following just warms my soul:

Lenovo executives said they talked to 100 business customers in designing the ThinkPad, which comes with an optional keyboard portfolio carrying case for $99 as well as the optional pressure-sensitive pen.

Included with the ThinkPad is 2GB of free cloud storage, a standard USB port and an SD card reader. Presentations can be viewed through an external monitor connected to the ThinkPad’s mini-HDMI port. Dual HD cameras provide video conferencing over apps including ooVoo.

SD card encryption, anti-theft software and the ability to disable a lost device are provided as well. Lenovo also offers ThinkPlus Support for access to technicians with Android experience.


Lenovo ThinkPad Honeycomb tablet confirmed for August – SlashGear

Lenovo ThinkPad Honeycomb tablet confirmed for August – SlashGear.

Lenovo has confirmed that it has two Android 3.x Honeycomb tablets in the pipeline for 2011, as well as a Windows 7 model for release later in the year. According to COO Rory Read, DowJones reports, Lenovo will have both a consumer slate – the IdeaPad K1 aka LePad – and an enterprise model falling under its ThinkPad heading, presumably the same tablet we saw leaked back in April.